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Sami Khedira

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This is a Livejournal Community for Sami Khedira, midfielder of Real Madrid and the German National Team and one of the most talented german football players of our times. This Community is made by fans for fans, so if you are already a fan of Sami or if you like to get to know him, feel free to join!

Sami Khedira (born 4 April 1987) is a German footballer currently playing for Real Madrid. He is considered a dynamic midfielder with 'flawless aerial ability' who can cover a lot of ground and quickly join in the team attacks with his powerful mid-range shooting.


Sami Khedira Facebook

Sami Khedira Fanpage

Real Madrid

Deutscher Fußball-Bund












First the rules - then the fun ;)

1. This is a Sami Khedira Community, so please contain Sami in your posts and stay on topic.

2. This is an open Community. Feel free to post pics, gifs, videos, match reviews and more. BUT: Private pics, videos etc. of Sami and his family belong under a cut for friends-only, so you need to be a member of this community to see them. Paparazzi-stuff is not allowed at all in this community - everybody needs a little privacy.

3. Any Matches Files also belong under a cut for friends-only.

4. DON'T HOTLINK. If you aren't sure what hotlinking is, please see this site for more information.

5. Please put the majority of your entries under an LJ-Cut.

6. This is an international community, so please be respectfull to the other users of this Comm and write in english.

7. Don't post fics here in this Community - there are many fanfiction communities out there.

8. If you have any doubts or problems feel free to contact the mods.

9. This goes without saying: Be respectful and polite in your posts and to one another. Criticism is fine since we are talking about football and here emotions run high. But we do not allow any bashing.
And - most important: have fun!

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